Level 6 Small Business Transformation is a highly respected business coaching firm with more than 60 years of combined experience.


Our business coaches are Certified Professional Coaches (CPC) primarily from Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). They are dedicated to serving, supporting, and transforming local businesses within their own communities.

We invite you to learn more about each of our business coaches by selecting their profile below.

Gareth Rayner

Location: Georgetown, TX

Years Coaching: 15


I partner with family owned small business owners, providing clarity on strategic and financial planning, brand development, people management, delivery, sales and marketing process improvement. Once we build a foundation for business stability, sustainability, then I make introductions to specialist services so they can scale with confidence and predictability!

Mary Jo Richards

Location: Owasso, OK

Years Coaching: 12

As a small business coach, I help female business owners visualize a future where they are empowered with the proper tools and understanding to reach a place where they can profitably sell their business, retire, or free up time to spend as they’ve always wanted.


Rebecca Beeson

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Years Coaching: 3

My clients are mostly female business owners who perform at a high level and want to create a greater level of profitability in their business so that they can spend more time with their families and do the things they love. 

I’m Rebecca Beeson and I coach small business clients virtually throughout the United States and also in person in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jim Swan

Location: Damariscotta, Maine

Years Coaching: 5

With over 20 years as a small business owner, entrepreneur, award-winning author, and marketing consultant Jim brings his experience as a survivor of success and failure to the world of business coaching and consulting.

Becoming an iPEC Certified Professional Coach will codify for him years of business experiences, his personal values, and a belief in the power of transformative energy into a laser-focused professional objective; to support small and medium-sized business owners as they expand into their highest and best selves.

Mauricio Acevedo

Location: Miami, FL

Years Coaching: 12

Mauricio supports Individuals, Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, frustrated, overwhelmed and trapped by their current circumstances, to discover, start, reignite and scale their projects, – by combining a step-by-step proven methodology that guides his clients every step of the way with one-on-one support.

Nadia Tenorio

Location: Toronto, Canada

Years Coaching: 2

I am a Strategic and Energy leadership coach and I work with new entrepreneurs to transition them into a full time, efficient and turn key business that they love. Most times the challenges of not having enough time, energy or resources to set up a successful business can lead to frustrations. 

Robyn Koenig

Location: Carlsbad, CA

Years Coaching: 3

As a certified small business coach, I help Health and Fitness Professionals who are struggling with waves of overwhelm from being a one-person show, develop a powerful mindset and build a more consistent and predictable business so they can continue to help their patients and clients achieve optimal health and wellness without wasting valuable time, resources and energy. Through my powerful coaching process, my clients go from functional (it’s fine) to optimal (heck yeah)!

Jessica Salazar

Location: Houston, TX

Years Coaching: 8

I am a dynamic, energetic and intuitive Business Coach with a mission to help Hispanic business owners who are overwhelmed by all the daily tasks of trying to grow their business on their own to develop a strong mindset and put the right people and systems in place, so they can confidently delegate, earn more, and have more time without having to choose between their life and their business.

Jen Neuhaus

Location: Austin, TX

Years Coaching: 2

I work with family-owned businesses who want to successfully transition their business to the next generation. I've found that many business owners have a goal to "leave it to the kids", but don't know where to start and how best to make that happen. I am a certified Professional Coach (IPEC) and a Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership. 

Jacqueline Quinn

Location: Austin, TX

Years Coaching: 5

Your business is a direct reflection of you. I partner with solopreneurs and small business owners to define, stabilize and grow their businesses, while navigating their personal development, stress management, and leadership skills. My professional experience lies in corporate leadership, software development, brand development & design, sales & marketing and project management. I help you identify your businesses strengths and weaknesses and create a plan of action. We then work together to fill any gaps to your goals and leverage opportunities.


Level 6 Small Business Transformation is a highly respected business coaching firm more than 60 years of combined experience.


Our business coaches are Certified Professional Coaches (CPC) primarily from Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). They are dedicated to serving, supporting, and transforming local businesses within their own communities.


In addition to our professional certifications, most of our business coaches are parents that understand the need for balanced work and home life. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to build a sustainable business with a strong family culture.


"Level 6 helped me by conducting a thorough review of my business. It made me look at all aspects of my work, not just the parts I feel confident about. Afterwards, I could see clearly where I need to take action to grow. As a coach, he helps me see the greatness in me. He calls me out on my BS and shows me where I’m the only one holding myself back. After working with Gareth, I feel so excited about what I can achieve."


"Before we met, I was overwhelmed by all the things I felt I "should" be doing in my business. Gareth asked just the right questions and provided solid, practical, actionable suggestions. Working with him helped me pinpoint my next steps and take inspired action. I now have clarity and peace of mind, knowing how to move forward in my business. Thank you!"


"My wife and I own and operate a private school with 20 employees serving around 100 families. We started working with Gareth about six months ago. In that time he has supported our long term visioning, organizational structure, staffing changes, and many other ongoing quarterly and monthly goals. He has also coached us through some of the biggest decisions we've had to make in terms of our programming and business model - we couldn't be happier about the results!"


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