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Business Coach & Wing"man"


I work with family-owned businesses who want to successfully transition their business to the next generation. I've found that many business owners have a goal to "leave it to the kids", but don't know where to start and how best to make that happen. I am a certified Professional Coach (IPEC) and a Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership. Prior to coaching, I led teams in both small and large businesses, spanning the healthcare, insurance, oil and gas, retail and adventure travel industries. As a member of the management teams, and as CEO of several organizations, I have experience in business development, strategic planning, business operations, branding, human resource development, and succession planning.

Austin TX business coach


I am committed to being a wing"man" for small business leaders who experience the saying "it's lonely at the top" on a near daily basis. Having been a part of several family-owned businesses during my career, I can identify personally with the unique dynamics present in family businesses, recognize the challenges faced, and deeply understand the process and benefits of developing and executing a plan for succession.


"I have known, leaned on, and trusted Jennifer when making major organizational and leadership decisions for over 10 years. Her unique combination of real-world experience. success, empathy, integrity, and professionalism make her an outstanding coach, advisor, and mentor. Working with her has made me a better leader, better follower, and better person. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to take their leadership and company to new heights or in new directions."


- Todd Hanna,

Belay On Advisors

"Jennifer helped me to shore up my business so that it was ready for that "next step". For me, that meant analyzing my current business and then developing a plan to pass it on to my children. We worked hard on the plan for almost a year, and it wasn't all easy, but she made it possible. I feel so much better knowing things are set and the people in my family know what I hope, and want, the future to look like. I am so relieved."


- Sean F,

Small Family Grocery Store.

"The family was really struggling to talk about our succession plan. No one knew what to do and any conversations became very emotional, very quickly. Having three children, a wife that is 20 years younger than me, and non-family leaders all involved in our company, the conversation seemed overwhelming to even start. I met Jennifer, heard about her work in this area, and knew I had to jump on the opportunity to work with her. She facilitated hard conversations, related well to my family members, and offered a much needed outside view of the business. Her personal experience was evident also, as she seemed to know the large, small and nitty-gritty details of what we were struggling with at any given moment. The money and time spent was SO WORTH IT!"


Bob M,

Family-owned Car Dealership

"When I first started working with Jen I was on the verge of hating my business. What had begun as an ‘exciting’ vision had turned into an exercise in frustration. Jen helped me to see that I had unknowingly fallen into a common trap: trying to shape (or shrink) my vision and expectations to my start-up team instead of engaging a team that was eager to grow with the vision. Because Jen is one of those rare people who can see both your big picture vision and the solid stepping stones along the way, she defies the common logic that ‘it is lonely at the top.’ In Jen, I’ve found an advisor, partner, and friend. I am truly grateful."


- Kristine Burke,

Co-Founder, Masterful U

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