Business and Life Strategy Coach


I am a Strategic and Energy leadership coach and I work with new entrepreneurs to transition them into a full time, efficient and turn key business that they love. Most times the challenges of not having enough time, energy or resources to set up a successful business can lead to frustrations. Add to that, the impact on relationships and family can become overwhelming. I have been coaching for 2+ years and my mission is to create effective strategies that assist my clients in finding clarity, intention and confidence in their business and life. My coaching philosophy is about partnership, commitment, education and empowerment.



I am certified in Energy Leadership Index assessment which is an Attitutal assessment that measures our Energetic Profile (the way we show up most days energetically) and our Energetic Stress reaction level (the most typical way we think, perceive and feel as we experience stress. This assessment is a great tool in uncovering the core of what is getting in the way of your life and business.



“Working with Nadia was truly a life changing experience. She was able to not only have me succeed in my job hunt and career change but helped me conquer my long standing personal goals. Her advice and guidance was like a switch that melted my stress, my excuses, and helped me come up with a new career plan. Not just another life coach, her own experiences combined with her exceedingly personable nature are what makes her an expert in dealing with periods of transition”


-Kristy V.C community Coordinator Toronto, Canada

"I love that Jessica really knows and understands me and my business - She holds space for me to recognize where I need to shift my perspective. She knows what to say, and what language and strategies to use. "


- Danni R.

“I began life coaching sessions with Nadia during an incredibly difficult time in my life. Dealing with a possible separation, a move back to another country and exploring a new career options it was almost too much to cope with. My main requirement was to find clarity as I felt I was confused about everything. She helped me organize my thoughts, break down issues and set weekly goals. I looked forward to every session with Nadia, she has such an upbeat manner and is exceptionally positive. I always left feeling happier and ready to take on challenges that i knew I had to face. The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make. I cannot thank Nadia enough”


- Amanda K- Teaching Assistant U.K


Level 6 Small Business Transformation is a highly respected business coaching firm more than 60 years of combined experience.


Our business coaches are Certified Professional Coaches (CPC) primarily from Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). They are dedicated to serving, supporting, and transforming local businesses within their own communities.


In addition to our professional certifications, most of our business coaches are parents that understand the need for balanced work and home life. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to build a sustainable business with a strong family culture.


"Level 6 helped me by conducting a thorough review of my business. It made me look at all aspects of my work, not just the parts I feel confident about. Afterwards, I could see clearly where I need to take action to grow. As a coach, he helps me see the greatness in me. He calls me out on my BS and shows me where I’m the only one holding myself back. After working with Gareth, I feel so excited about what I can achieve."


"Before we met, I was overwhelmed by all the things I felt I "should" be doing in my business. Gareth asked just the right questions and provided solid, practical, actionable suggestions. Working with him helped me pinpoint my next steps and take inspired action. I now have clarity and peace of mind, knowing how to move forward in my business. Thank you!"


"My wife and I own and operate a private school with 20 employees serving around 100 families. We started working with Gareth about six months ago. In that time he has supported our long term visioning, organizational structure, staffing changes, and many other ongoing quarterly and monthly goals. He has also coached us through some of the biggest decisions we've had to make in terms of our programming and business model - we couldn't be happier about the results!"


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