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Small Business Coach and Consultant


My clients are mostly female business owners who perform at a high level and want to create a greater level of profitability in their business so that they can spend more time with their families and do the things they love. I’m Rebecca Beeson and I coach small business clients virtually throughout the United States and also in person in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a Certified Professional Coach and Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership (CPC ELI-MP). I was certified by IPEC in 2017 and have been coaching small business clients professionally since that time. Prior to coaching, I co-founded and led an apparel design and manufacturing business in San Francisco, CA for 15 years taking that business from start up to eight figures in six years. As coach, consultant and mentor to female led businesses, my clients are deeply listened to and met by a coach who has faced the same frustrations and challenges that they are experiencing. And from this place of connection, we work together energetically to find creative solutions as my clients take their businesses to the next level.

san francisco busness coach


I have been a student of mindset for over 30 years. My work comes from the premise that success starts within each of us and that individual patterns of mind lead to external habits that then shape the direction of business (and our lives). We can change all of that step by step through planning, recognizing and making small adjustments in our thought processes. New energetic thoughts create winning routines that ultimately lead to our success and happiness, both professionally and personally.


"When I asked Rebecca for tools that would help me consider how I might react to challenging situations more effectively, she recommended that I take the Energy Leadership assessment and work with her to understand the results. In addition to learning how and why I react in stressful situations, she also helped me to see how I show up in every day life. The debrief conversation was in-depth and highly actionable. I consider its implications often and do my best to consider the results in every-day situations. Through it all, Rebecca helped me to clarify thoughts by asking thought-provoking questions and connecting the dots between disparate responses. I highly recommend Rebecca’s coaching through the ELI assessment and debrief."


- Christina Bassani, UTC Partners

"When your head is swimming with ideas and you aren't sure where to begin, Rebecca helps you sort it out. She has this amazing ability to sort out the mental traffic jam and encourage you without influencing you along. Rebecca's personal experiences merge beautifully with her instinct and this makes her a GREAT coach! Her coaching skills helped me to choose a new company and make a very successful choice."


- Emily Albert, Realtor, Terra Firma Global Partners

"I have been coached by Rebecca for the past year. It has been a life transforming experience. This was my first coaching experience and all I can say is everyone should have a coach like Rebecca. I was able to move through what had been very serious obstructions in my life, and with her coaching, move quite smoothly through them. Amazing. Her style is very intuitive and compassionate while being direct but not forceful. A very unique style. I will continue on my journey of coaching with Rebecca as it has given me the life I have always wanted."


- Maureen Williams, Real Estate Broker

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